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Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Saturn return is something that astrologers consider to be a very important life event, but many of us regular folks do not know what it means. Every planet makes a return. A…

Festival of the Loaf Mass

Celebrating Lammas

Lammas is one of the festivals on the Pagan calendar. It’s a Celtic festival, marking the first harvest, and honoring the Irish god Lugh–hence this festival also being called Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-nass-eh–Lammas…

Visualizing Time in a Psychic's Mind

Determining Psychic Timing

Clairvoyance is the art of seeing the hidden and often seeing future events. Most people assume that a psychic is clairvoyant, which is true most of the time. There are psychic mediums…

Broken Heart

Getting Over a Breakup

“When will my ex come back?” That is the number one question asked of psychics. Many people contact psychics absolutely sure that their ex is their soul mate. They know in their…

Soul Mates

What is a Soul Mate?

Imagine life on the other side, before you came to this world. You may be a young soul, or perhaps you are a very wise soul and have lived many lifetimes. You…