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Your Destiny

Astrology, tarot, tea leaves, runes, I-Ching… these are all popular methods of divination. The truth is, nearly anything can be used to help you to work out what is influencing you at the moment, and what steps to take toward a more empowered life. Did you know that your fate also lies in your birthday, too? The date you were born is not an accident. It’s easy to see what your destiny is, and what is influencing you at the moment. All it takes is a bit of math!




To start, add up the numbers from your date of birth. For example, if you were born on the 26th of June, 1988, you’d at the date, the month, and the year together; 26 + 6 + 1988. That brings you to the number 2020, which can be reduced again by adding 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 to get the number 4. This is what is known as your life path number. Let’s take a brief look at what all the life path numbers mean.



Life Path 1

If your Life Path number is a 1, you’re going to experience a lot of new beginnings in your life. You’re full of enthusiasm and purpose. You’re exuberant about things, but there is a downside to this. You may be impatient, and rush ahead where you perhaps need to exercise a bit of caution. It’s also easy for you to get frustrated or dissatisfied with your life.



Life Path 2

If number 2 is your Life Path, you function best as half of a partnership. You’re quite the visionary; and have the potential to be a diplomat, mediator, or peacemaker of some sort. You probably prefer routine to impulse, and can get a bit flustered when things are disrupted. You may need to work on ways to calm your nervous energy, and it could be hard for you to make decisions.



Life Path 3

Those of you with a Life Path of 3 are most likely to be creative, and good communicators. You enjoy connecting with people and can really make a social situation zing! Keep cultivating that positive outlook, because it can open doors for you. You do need to watch for being too sensitive, though, and remember to take time out away from other people to relax and recharge your batteries.



Life Path 4

A Life Path of 4 usually means that you’re a fixer, an organizer, and a solid foundation for others. You’re trustworthy, and willing to work hard towards a goal, whether it is your own personal goal, or that of a team with whom you’re working. Your challenges are likely to manifest in stubbornness, and a very obstinate devotion to the way that you feel things should be done.



Life Path 5

This Life Path number indicates that your life is changeable as you work to constantly improve yourself and the lives of your loved ones. You’re fiercely independent, and even though you relate well with others, you have to have the freedom to be who you are, and to do your own thing. Because you can turn your attention to many different things, you may lack the dedication to see projects to their natural conclusion, resulting in you being perceived as irresponsible.



Life Path 6

For the 6s, life is full of idealism. You like to nurture people, and you’re the caregivers and the ones who value the traditional values of home, family, and friendship the strongest. You’re loyal and devoted, compassionate and generous. Your challenges are likely to manifest when you become overwhelmed with the responsibilities that others want to place on you, and if you do, you can become critical, perhaps even meddling, in the lives of others.



Life Path 7

For you, life is a mystery, and you love to investigate it with purpose and drive. You enjoy learning new things and you like your own company. It may be hard for you to make deep connections with others; you prefer to work on your own rather than as part of a team. You trust your experiences rather than your intuition, and your challenges are probably going to manifest in a lack of tact or consideration for others.



Life Path 8

If this is your Life Path number then you’re a natural born leader. There’s some karmic residue here from previous incarnations that is your destiny to bring into balance. You’re honest, sincere, and devoted to those who are important to you. You may struggle with vanity and self-importance, and you need to learn to balance your drive for success with time for enjoyment.



Life Path 9

This Life Path number is very humanitarian and considerate of others. You may feel compelled to help those who are not as blessed as you are. Materialism probably doesn’t mean much to you; you’re more likely to be concerned with compassion and understanding than personal gain. You make friends easily, but intimate relationships may be more challenging. You may find it hard to get ahead, because competitiveness is simply not your nature.




This is an extremely brief overview of what your date of birth can reveal about your personality and your purpose for taking this incarnation. Your day and month of birth added to the current year can give you a glimpse of what this year’s blessings and lessons might be. It’s also possible to run these numbers through the tarot to get more insight. All in all, there are many ways in which your fate lies in your birthday, and they’re all very worth exploring!


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