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FAQ & Tips

Got Questions?

Below are the most common questions we receive about our site. And, a section of tips to increase the chances of getting your question answered. By taking the time to read this, the psychics will be more likely to answer your questions. They may even thank you for following the rules.

Site FAQ

  • We are no longer contacting individual free members when their question is answered. Sign up for an Enhanced or Premium membership to get an email notification when your question is answered.
  • Questions are collected from Sunday through Saturday
  • The winning answer is posted on our blog the following Monday
  • If your question does not get answered, you can resubmit it the following week.
  • Email the boss ( or use our Contact Form). Be sure to tell her the date you submitted your question and the nickname you used. (If you can't remember them, tell her your birth name, birth date, and the approximate date you submitted your question.)
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Question Tips

Some of our psychics us numerology and they need your full birth name to see your life path. Da Boss and all of our astrologers need your full birth date, birth time, and birth city. Be sure to include your birth country if you are outside of the US. Some of us are not so good at geography.
<"./Contact">Contact da Boss or the psychic who answered your question for a private reading, if you would like to know more.
Da boss swears, of all her years in psychic work, every psychic she has met who has predicted a name or date ended up wrong! Time is not constant and the Spirits don't usually communicate with words. Ask instead if love (or money or whatever) is coming soon, rather than a name and a date.
Give us as much information on your partner as possible. ALL private information is kept STRICTLY PRIVATE in a database separte from our blog database.
Playing "stump the psychic" is a waste of time and money, so da Boss is more likely to skip those kinds of questions. When she does choose to answer vague questions, she often either bytches you out or gives you a vague answer back.
Like soulmate, twinflame, karmic partner, or kindred spirit. Sometimes da Boss will give you a long lecture on the real definition of soulmate and other words.
Or, if you are pregnant. Don't ask for health readings. You need to talk to a health care professional with those kinds of questions.
Da Boss' Spirit guide cannot answer more than one question, and it makes you look really greedy and cheap trying to stuff many questions into a single paragraph. Also Don't submit more than one question per day. If da Boss sees that someone has submitted more than one question on the same day. She will only answer of the the submitted questions. Spread your questions out over a few days.
Da Boss reads every question, so don't bother submitting your question over and over, you WILL piss her off. Also, da Boss will delete your earler question and accept your newer question. This will cause you to wait another 7 days for your answer.
It would be nice (since da Boss puts out a lot of time and energy answering your question for FREE) if you would tell her how you feel about the reading. Even if you don't like what she said and you want to bytch back at her. At least she will know that you read it.
Since we stopped posting our answers on our blog, we don't have a comment system set-up. We hope to have someting soon.
Connecting with the dead is usually a hit or miss situation. Often the person you ask for does not come through. We do our best, so please bear with us.
Da Boss is NOT a remote viewer. Sometimes da Boss can tell you if you will or won't find it. So, please don't be disappointed if your question does not get answered.
Many people ask if things will change with "my family." Da Boss has no idea if you are talking about you and your parents and siblings. Or, you and your children. Or, you and your partner. Or, you and your partner and your children. Or, you, your parents, children, siblings, and aunts and uncles and cousins. Please be specific.
Some dishonest psychics will send the same message to everyone on their mailing list telling them wealth or possibly danger is coming. Da boss can't followup on a reading that wasn't real to begin with. Also, some psychics, like da Boss, will give you a free sample reading with the hopes that you will followup with a paid reading. Competition is difficult enough on the web, she is not going to allow you to get her to complete with another struggling internet psychic. That will bring her very bad karma. Please go back the psychic who did the original reading. Da Boss will tell you if the psychic was being honest with you, but that's as far as we will go.
The format that we use does not allow our psychics to ask you any questions before they answer you. So, vague and general questions usually receive vague answers, if they get answered at all. Be Specific!
To quote the great Allison DuBois, "It doesn't work like that!" Do not assume that da Boss knows how you feel or what situation you're in. Tell her eventhing you can, and you will get a very detailed answer.

More Questions?

Send your question to the boss about our site. (Da boss IS NOT available for free, private readings.) Contact her through our form Or, email her at Every time she receives a question, it helps her to see the site from your perspective.