Mercury Retrograde

The Dos and Don’ts of a Mercury Retrograde

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone complain about Mercury’s retrograde, I would be a very rich woman, indeed! And… it’s not Mercury’s fault. It’s the humans’ fault for not respecting Mercury’s rhythms. We have no problems respecting the rhythm of the Sun and the four seasons that we experience with every revolution around our solar system. We have no problems respecting the Moon from New to Full and high tide to low tide. Hell… we have more respect for the rhythms of Saturn and the seven-year itch it brings, than Mercury. Mercury spends about as much time reverse compared to direct, as we spend sleeping compared to being awake, and Mercury has been following his direct/retrograde cycles for much, much longer than humans have been around to complain.

The rule is, never start a new project (including a new relationship) when Mercury is in retrograde. If you have a new project in mind, use Mercury’s retrograde for the planning stage. Mercury is the ruler of the mind, and he will help you to get an accurate look at cost analysis and materials needed. If you are looking for a job during a Mercury retrograde, take a temp job, or go back to a company you worked for in the past. Mercury has no problems with repeating something we did before. If you are lonely and looking for love, then look up an ex. Mercury’s retrograde has reunited many lost lovers. In fact, almost any activity that begins with “re” will work fine. Reconcile, repeat, reevaluate, reassure, rebel, recant, recede, receive, reciprocate, recollect, rectify, recuperate, reflect, regenerate, remember, rescind, reserve, resist, resolve, respond, restore, retire, retreat, review, and maybe even revenge.

When Mercury is moving direct, our minds are on a functional level, but when Mercury is in retrograde we move more into a contemplative mood. A direct Mercury gives us perception, but a retrograde Mercury encourages awareness. Take time every time Mercury is in retrograde to reacquaint yourself with your environment. Become aware of what is happening around you without participating in the action. I promise you, the more you can sync your life to Mercury’s rhythms, the more balanced and productive your life will become.

Mercury’s retrograde can actually be divided into two phases. If you read my article “What the Hell is a Retrograde,” then you understand that when Mercury is in retrograde, it is moving between the Earth and the Sun. The first half of Mercury’s retrograde is before he crosses in front of the Sun, and the second half is after. In the first half of Mercury’s retrograde, we find it natural to slow down and review our lives, but after Mercury crosses in front of the Sun, new ideas could begin exploding in our minds. Its after Mercury crosses in front of the Sun is when so many slip-ups occur because they are so inspired and want to make changes right away. Mercury represents the trickster in mythology, and when we try to push ahead during his retrograde, we usually get slapped down. Sometimes when we start something new during Mercury’s retrograde, it can go rather well for a period of time. Then later it just fizzles out, or it can hit a big hurdle. Occasionally a project will go well, but hit fatal flaws during Mercury’s next retrograde. One way or another, the trickster will get you.

Do take time to review contracts and documents while Mercury is in retrograde. Revamp, remodel, or redecorate neglected parts of your life. Take time to reconnect with old friends and loved ones. And, plan ahead. Plan your next vacation, or plan your next big project at work. You can even plan to improve your life, like taking classes or trying a new health regime. Just make sure you are only planning and not doing until Mercury has turned direct. Also, Mercury’s retrograde is an excellent time to do a little ghost hunting or spiritual reconnections with those on the other side. The veil between us and them gets much thinner during a Mercury retrograde.

Don’t take a new job, find a new lover, or even make a new friend during Mercury’s retrograde. They will not last. Don’t start a new project, try a new idea, or make any major purchases while Mercury is in retrograde. Do not take a vacation or long trip, unless you scheduled and paid for it before Mercury’s retrograde began. Don’t sign contracts, initiate new enterprises, or make any major purchases. And… don’t try to escape responsibilities (another “re” word). There are some things Mercury’s retrograde does not prevent us from doing. Don’t buy expensive machinery, like a new computer or a car. Do not move, quit your job, or spend a lot of money.

Seriously… the more you can keep your life in phase with Mercury’s cycles, the easier it gets. Mercury rules our minds, so it is probably the most important planet in the zodiac. Take the time to allow yourself to retrograde along with Mercury, and you may actually stop cursing Mercury.

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