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Da Boss is the glue that holds our independent psychics together. She is based in Lafayette, Indiana, but we do not have a store front. No brick and mortar here. We are strictly an internet business.

We really like being able to give away our readings for free. Most of us have seen times when money was so tight and things were so stressed. We are grateful that we can be there when that happens to you. And, we hope when your finances improve that you will show your gratitude by booking private readings with any of our psychics.

How Do We Do It?

How We Do It

How do we give away free psychic readings with no hidden costs? Our psychics are willing to give you a free, sample psychic reading in exchange for a little internet attention. They volunteer their time to answer your questions in exchange for links and promotions going back to their sites. So please leave feedback for them on their listings. As you choose a favorite psychic or two (or more) also visit them at their sites, sign up for their mailing lists, and post a comment if you can. Let them know you really do appreciate all their time and effort.

The History of Psychic Bytch

Psychic Bytch History

Psychic Bytch began as a joke among three Keen psychics on December 13, 2004. The three psychics were on a 3-way phone conversation venting about how frustrating it can be to hear the same person telling you the same problem day after day. They were complaining that their clients were not actually listening to the advice they were sharing with them. The clients would return, sometimes daily, asking the same questions over and over, never acting on the advice they were given. The three psychics wished that they could just yell at some of their clients, rather than being polite. One of the psychics made the remark that they should start a website, Psychic Bytch, where they could actually tell it like it is. They all laughed and decided to call it a night and ended the call. The next day, the psychic, who had the idea for Psychic Bytch (now known as Da Boss), decided to log in to her favorite registrar to see if was available. And, low and behold, it was! So, she bought it, and thus began the saga of Psychic Bytch.

Psychic Bytch began with the three Keen psychics and a few of their friends on a very humble, simple, HTML website. The original psychics decided to keep their psychic names anonymous and used fictional names, so they could say whatever they wanted without fear of repercussions. Our original questions form emailed all of the questions to Da Boss, and she then chose which questions to forward to which psychics. They, then emailed their answers back to Da Boss. Then Da Boss posted each question and answer on our blog (thank God blogs had been invented by then). We averaged about 5 answers per week back then, and it took a minimum of one week to get a question answered, and more often three or four weeks.

In 2005 the psychics decided to give up their anonymity in order to promote their own sites more. Also, Da Boss got a book on writing websites with databases, and in early 2006, Da Boss opened the "Bytch Vault." She had designed a data base for the Bytch questions, and she set up a "back-end" where the psychics could login and choose which questions they wanted to answer and answer them there on the site. No more emailing questions and answers back and forth. That's when Psychic Bytch really started producing answers. In fact once we had the database running well, we began running out of questions.

It was really hard to get noticed back then. With the word "bytch" in our domain name, Google would not show us in a typical psychic search. The only way that Google would show us, was if the person had the word "bytch" in their search words. The only search engine that would index us for the key words "free psychic readings," was Yahoo! -- God bless 'em! Word of mouth was our best advertising back then. Da Boss attempted to do link exchanges with other psychic sites, but about half of them she contacted refused, again because of the word "bytch" in our domain. It took a few years, but finally Google relaxed their filters and began indexing us for the keywords, "free psychic readings."

Our mascots (our graphics) back then were nearly naked warrior type women, but we discovered a need for a more wholesome image when we joined BlogTalk Radio. Well, actually it took them about nine months to discover us. Then, we were told we had to change our name. So, we modified bytch to biatch, and we added a picture of a chihuahua. Da Boss fell in love with that little chihuahua and started buying all kinds of pictures of her. Later we added the chihuahua to our site header, and eventually we removed all the sexy female images and replaced them with the actual photos of our psychics.

Spring of 2013 a new crisis emerged. Da Boss was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The joints in her hands began to swell and stiffen, and she could not write code any longer. When her symptoms first appeared, she seriously considered selling But, after a change in her diet and learning to limit her time on the computer, her hands began to heal. But, she knew she had to pare down the site to something she could manage. That is why she ended the paid and free memberships, and she ended the chats, the radio shows, and the webinars. She brought Psychic Bytch back to it's fundamentals, which is free psychic readings, and focused on that. It took us a few months to recover from the changes, but we did and we're doing better now than ever!

It is now Spring 2023. Ten years have passed since our last update to our story. In an effort to clean up our act, Psychic Bytch went through a name change back in January 2022. And now we're ending the unlimited free questions. Google has changed their algorithms and we can't rank on the big G search anymore. Da boss has bills to pay, so she finally gave up and got a job. She just doesn't have the time to answer free questions like she used to. New members will now get their first question answered for free. Hopefully da Boss will come up with a sweepstakes or a way to earn points to give away more free psychic answers.

Next year, 2024, Psychic Bytch will be 20 years old. And we're planning to be here at least one more decade after that!