Will he ask me to marry him

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Submitted: 2022-05-30 16:13

Question: Will he ask me to marry him this year (2022?)

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, jappy!

I don’t see anything in his stars that would motivate him to propose marriage in 2022. And Spirit fears that your relationship may not continue.

Spirit can sense that he’s considering separating from you. But he feels that he doesn’t have enough money to do it at this time. Spirit says he’s been doing some things that are really painful for you. And you, being a Cancer, have a need to express your feelings. And him, being a Gemini, interprets your words as confrontational. Geminis normally run away from confrontations.

Because free will is involved here, Spirit can’t tell you what he will do in the future. She can only sense your feelings and his feelings now. So it’s up to you and him whether or not you want to work on fixing this relationship.

Remember, it takes two to fix a relationship. You can’t do it all by yourself.

Live! Love! Bark!

“Don’t forget, we’re all here to learn to overcome negativity — not to accept it, embrace it, invite it into our homes and cook dinner for it” Sylvia Browne

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