Guaranteed Love Spell

A Guaranteed Love Spell

Every metaphysical magazine or online blog seems to be running ads for love spells these days. Buy this potion, light these candles, burn this incense, and if you do just that–usually after parting a tidy sum of money–you’ll get a guaranteed love spell. So, you pay your fee, you do the spell, and nothing happens. Have you ever stopped to consider why?

There are many reasons that a love spell doesn’t work. Often it is because you’re trying to force a particular person to fall for you. That rarely happens. Let’s just assume for the moment it did, and consider the consequences. What happens if someone else also wants that person? Do you have to spend more and more money to keep buying spells to outdo the spells that the other suitor is casting? Are you going to have to keep spending more and more to keep your lover interested in you?

Another scenario you need to consider is this: suppose the spell works and you get the person of your dreams. What happens if you change your mind? Are you going to be stuck with your partner for the rest of your life, whether you want to be or not? Are you going to have to do more spellwork to get rid of your lover? It gets so complicated, doesn’t it?

There is a guaranteed love spell that you can do that won’t have any of those complications. It doesn’t take any expensive paraphernalia. It doesn’t have any consequences. It won’t force anyone to do anything against their will, and thus there’s absolutely no bad karma that can come with it.

Sparrow Lunar Data

You’re going to need a notebook, a mirror, a hairbrush, and some pink bubble bath or shower gel. This spell is best done when the Moon is going from new to full, and is in Libra. Do not do it when Venus is retrograde! If you have trouble determining when to do the spell, contact your favorite astrologer, write to me, or look online at the lunar calendars.

While waiting for the appropriate time to arrive, think of all the attractive people you see in your life. Maybe they’re actors or pop stars. Maybe they are people in your life that you admire, such as a teacher or a neighbor. What makes them beautiful to you? Write this down in your notebook–you can also add photos, if you like. Add to this notebook often, and reflect on it nightly, just before you go to sleep if possible.

At the appropriate time, pour yourself a bath and add the pink bubble bath–or take a nice relaxing shower with the pink shower gel. Envision the water taking away what makes you feel doubtful that you can be loved, and cleaning you, preparing you for a wonderful relationship. After you bathe, sit down in front of the mirror. Pick up the hairbrush, and as you start to brush your hair (or groom your beard!), repeat the lines, “Love is around me and love is in me. Love sees me and comes to me. I love, and I am worth loving. I am love, and I am loved.”

Repeat this several times, until you start to feel confident, until you start to feel loved, and at peace with yourself. When you reach that point, you need to take the hairs out of your brush, and lay them aside in a safe place. You’re going to need them.

While the Moon is still in Libra (it doesn’t have to be the same day, the Moon will stay in each sign for about 26 hours), take the hairs from your brush, and place them in a tree or a bush that is on your property, but somewhere that you won’t see them every day and keep checking that they’re still there. As you put the hair on the branches, repeat, “Love is around me and love is in me. Love sees me and comes to me. I love, and I am worth loving. I am love, and I am loved. I release this to the wind, so mote it be.”

That’s it! The spell is complete, and it really is a guaranteed love spell. Once you feel loved, and are loving yourself and your life, then you’re going to attract the perfect partner with whom you share your days. Promise. Like energy always attracts like energy!



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