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How to Deal with Psychic Attack

Those with psychic abilities on average are more sensitive than the general public. We often feel the tension radiating from other people, even if the tension isn’t directed toward us. If we get between two people who don’t like each other, we feel it pretty quickly. Because of our general sensitivities, we are also more vulnerable to psychic attack. People can hurt us without ever touching us or saying a word, so we must do things to protect ourselves. Today, I will be talking about protection and dealing with those psychic vampires.


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Simple Spell to Prevent Psychic Attack

Begin by marking a pentagram on your forehead with the index finger of your primary hand. Take a few moments to visualize the pentagram in a radiant blue, and when you feel ready speak these words:

“Lord and Lady, twirl about,
Guard me day and night, throughout.
Guide me through each passing hour
And grant me Your protective power.
From head to toe, from sky to ground,
Keep me safe and well and sound.”



Easy Charm to Prevent Psychic Attack

Vervain has had the reputation of being a sacred plant since the ancient Egyptians. Legend even has it that vervain was used to staunch Christ’s wounds on the cross. All you need to do to harness the power if vervain is wear a sprig or carry a pouch of dried vervain in your pocket.


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Spell to Relieve Psychic Attack

If you feel that negative energies or possibly even negative people are damaging your psyche, you can use this simple spell anytime you feel under attack.

Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and mentally visualize a bubble completely surrounding you. After you get your bubble in place, then visualize covering the whole exterior with mirrors. This spiritual reflective surface will cause any negative energy to bounce back to it’s source.


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Rid Yourself of Energy Vampires

We all have energy vampires in our lives. You know, those people who take up your time, your energy, and your money, if you let them. That gal at work whose work you find yourself finishing or doing over. A teenage child who demands your unadulterated attention. Those people who call themselves your “friends,” yet they only call when they want you to listen to them and they never really listen to you. Below is a spell to cut those vampires out of your life.

You will need a few ingredients:

  • 1 feather for each vampire
  • 12 inches of purple ribbon (not too wide)
  • 1 purple candle anointed (smudged) with vegetable oil and rolled in powdered lavender
  • 1 stamped envelope for each person
  • 1 pen

Try to use feathers from birds of prey like owls, hawks, or vultures. If those are not available you can also try feathers from blue jays, mockingbirds, or grackles.

Be sure to have all your ingredients assembled in an area where you will not be disturbed. Before you begin, gather all the feathers into a bouquet and tie the purple ribbon around the quill ends. Light the candle, and place the envelopes and pen in the center of your area. Then take the bouquet of feathers holding them like a wand and wave them around your area in a clockwise triple Circle.

On the first past speak these words:

“I am protected”

On the second pass say:

“I am powerful”

And, on the third pass chant:

“I am free”

Then, sit in the center of your circle and close your eyes. Visualize each of your vampires standing in front of you with cosmic cords connected from you to each of them. Once you are comfortable and free of all tension open your eyes. Remove a feather from the bunch, and holding it like a knife, cut the cosmic cord between you and your first vampire. As you cut this cord say:

(Name of vampire), I free myself from you.
Our cord I cut in two.
You cannot stay.
I start my life anew.”

Place the feather in an envelope and write the person’s name and address on the envelope. Slowly and gently, repeat this process for each vampire. Then cut the ribbon into as many portions as you have envelopes and tuck a piece inside each envelope. Seal the envelopes, and when you have finished the last one gather them all in your dominate hand. Now we need to dissolve the circle by waving the envelopes in a counterclockwise motion and saying these words:

“Gone from me the stress and strife
That you’ve imposed upon my life.
Your power over me is gone —
By Earth, Moon, Wind, And Shining Sun”

Let the candle completely burn out. Also, mail the envelopes (without a return address, of course). The energy vampires should never bother you again.


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