Become a Money Magnet

How to Become a Money Magnet

We could all use some easy money, right? As a reader on Psychic Bitch, this is probably one of the most common questions I’m asked. Love and money seem to be at the top of everyone’s list. It seems a good time to visit some ways on how to become a money magnet. It’s easier than you might think!

Materials and Timing

A simple spell that anyone can do involves:

  • a quart-sized jar with a screw on lid
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen
  • two coins
  • a basil leaf

If you’re not a gardener, you can buy basil either fresh in the vegetable section of your grocery store, or dried basil will work too. Make sure you’re doing this when the Moon is going from new to full–when the light from the Moon is increasing–rather than when she’s shrinking from full to new! You want to grow your money, rather than shrink it, right?!

Step One — Prepare Your Intentions

Wash and clean your jar. If you have ritual water or anything that you do when it comes to magical cleansing, you can include that when preparing the jar. Write down what you need the money for on the piece of paper, and put it in the clean dry jar. I’ve found it best to start small– you might want to ask for money to get the car fixed, rather than request a new BMW!

Step Two — Add the Coins

Next, place the first coin in the jar making sure that it lands on your piece of paper, and repeat the words, “Touch my wish and make it so, bless this coin my cash to grow.” Put the second coin in the jar, making sure it is touching both the paper and the first coin, and repeat the words, “First it doubles, then by three, money grows, so mote it be!” Now add the basil, and close the jar.

Follow-Up Everyday

Keep the jar where you will see it every day, but where it is personal to you and safe from others. The secret to the success of this spell is that you must feed the jar every day, and it must be personal to you. Don’t count the money before you put it in the jar, and do not empty the jar and count the money while the spell is working. Don’t concern yourself about how much you’re adding, but every night, feed the jar with all your small change.

Keep The Oath

As you continue to feed the jar, you should start to see other money flow to you from other places. Remember, this is magic between you and the jar. No one else should know you’re doing this. No one else should have access to your jar or even be able to see it. Above all, you have to believe in and trust the process. If you count your money as you put it in the jar or if you open the jar to see how much money is in there, you’ll undo the spell. Magic, when it is real and when it’s going to work, is personal and private, and you have to keep that oath in order for this to work.

Work with the Spell

When you’re considering how to become a money magnet, you also have to remember that it takes more than magic. If you can make something at home rather than going out for pizza, do that, and save your money. If you can sell something rather than throwing it away, do so, and pop the money in your jar. Magic is real, and it works, but you have to work with it, you have to make the ultimate goal a priority, or there’s no point in doing the spell to help you achieve that goal in the first place, is there?



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