What is sneaky up to

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From: sassykat801 Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-05-09 15:15

Question: Hi! What is sneaky up to? Is she going to sell and move? Is she even there? What happened to those poor dogs. Can’t see sneaky living in the house alone since it is haunted. Won’t be able to do upkeep. Thank you for everything

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, sassykat801!

Spirit says Sneaky is torturing herself. Spirit can see a tremendous amount of guilt and shame running through her mind. And it has caused her to become so sad that she may be to the point of mental illness. Spirit doesn’t feel that Sneaky is planning anything except lying to herself.

Live! Love! Cry!

Don’t piss off old people. The older we get the less “life in prison” is a determent.

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2 thoughts on “What is sneaky up to

  • Ughh. Now I just feel sorry for her. I thought she was a threat, never wanted any harm. I’ll pray for her instead. He said she was half way there to begin with, not saying that as a joke. She’s taking a lot of psych meds. I hope someone will help her. She can’t handle difficult thinking. 😒 saying prayers.

  • I’m glad she’s on her meds. Spirit didn’t show me anything about the dogs, thank God. I cannot stand looking at animal abuse. Hopefully someone will step in and get some home health care people in to help her. ❀

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