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She’s a friend I grew up with

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From: 3loves Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-05-09 17:09

Question: She’s a friend I grew up with. She’s the same age as me but has a lot of health problems. She text me yesterday for the second time asking can she stay with us when she’s released from the hospital. She’s had issues with addiction and mental health. I can’t have her here with my kids but I feel so bad for her. I feel so much guilt for not helping her. I don’t even want to imagine being in her shoes. Will she be able to find a place to stay? I sure do hope things work out for her

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, 3loves!

My goodness! You two were born less than a month apart, and you’re both Cancers. I imagine you two were close growing up. Spirit can see that she is going to have problems getting help after she leaves the hospital. And she will probably end up in some kind of a homeless shelter. Spirit understands that it’s out of the question for her to stay with you. But Spirit feels you can contact different agencies, churches, and people to find someone who will sponsor her. Spirit feels you may even get some kind of fundraising program set up for her. Good-luck!

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We begin as friends and then develop a shared realization, conscious or unconscious, that we are bearers of magic, and that our circles of support are circles of mystical power. — Marianne Williamson

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