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this loveless marriage for years

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From: deliap Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2023-08-23 07:01

Question: I have been is this loveless marriage for years and I am at the point where I need some loving and intimacy and just plain silly fun, I am not getting any younger and I have been so unhappy for many years , All I want is someone who can love me and show it , Am I gonna die unhappy I need someone to wine and dine me just for once and be happy…..please help!!

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, deliap!

Capricorn has a never-say-die attitude to love. So I can understand why you have stayed with him this long. Pluto, the planet of powerful transformations, has been at a sensitive place in your chart that affects love since 2021. And Pluto will be making his last pass this year. I am surprised that Pluto hasn’t already dissolved your marriage.

Spirit says eventually you will leave your husband. But you’re only going to do it when you are absolutely sure that there is no other choice. When you’re ready, it will happen.

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