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From: Lunar_Bee Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2023-03-30 08:25

Question: There’s this man, a colleague I have had a crush on since last year. ). He is basically someone I’ve liked since last year, he’s a queer man, just as I am a queer girl. I started crushing on him in July, we learned about some of our similarities and we connected very much on them, and that sparked some sort of friendship(although I’ve always wanted more), where we were getting on well, video calling each other everyday, until he disappeared on his birthday, and pretty much went dead silent the whole of December, and resurfaced in January. I had decided to just move on from my hopes of relations with him. But he then started message frequently again, and I found myself falling into the cycle again. Today and yesterday, I saw him, after not having seen him physically since last year. All those feelings and hopes of attraction resurfaced, and I want him again 😩. Is there a chance for us to grow this into a romantic/move past friendship this time around? Because I do suspect the f eeling is mutual from him, just fearful.

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Lunar_Bee!

Because Gemini and Sagittarius are on opposite sides of the zodiac, they have a tendency to reflect one another. However, relationships with opposites also bring friction.

Spirit can sense that he really likes you as a friend. But he will not be comfortable taking it to a higher level. On the other hand, Spirit sees at least 3 more men in your future you will find attractive.

Trust that the Universe has a plan.

Live! Love! Bark!

Hold everything you love with an open hand. It’s like holding sand in your hand, the tighter you close your hand the more sand you lose but if you hold the sand with an open hand, you lose no sand. — Prince Willis

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