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Is moving forward now my best option

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From: whatthefark Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2023-03-29 07:46

Question: Ever since Xmas eve,, I am not the same. Is moving forward now my best option? I am the first to say I am wrapped up in the incidents and may not see the path that will work out.

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, whatthefark!

After spending 7 months in Gemini, Mars, the planet of energy and action finally entered Cancer last week on March 25th. Ms. Cancer, it’s time to act!

Spirit says your present situation did not work out the way you hoped, and moving forward is most definitely your best option. She sees an amazing relationship in your future.

Live! Love! Bark!

“It is what you prefer to keep that has no meaning, while all that you would keep away holds all the meaning of the universe, and holds the universe together in its meaning.” A Course in Miracles.

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