When is my case going to settle?

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From: sassykat801 Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2022-09-12 04:29

Question: Hi there
When is my case going to settle? I just acquired my nephew and will be adopting him in 6 months. He’s in his senior year and I’m getting hit with expenses left and right. I want him to have all the things but I’m struggling. Hopefully this happens before Christmas? Thank you!

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, sassykat801!

Spirit has given me a very clear picture of at least one of your cases. She is showing you receiving money and an another woman next to you. I’m guessing the other woman in your attorney, or perhaps the attorney for the other side.

Spirit can see you negotiating a settlement. You will receive an offer to settle from the other side, and your first instinct will be to refuse it. But after you’ve taken some time to think about it, you accept their offer. Spirit says it may not be all that you deserve, but it will be enough to pay for the things you need.

However, Spirit can’t tell time. I don’t know if it will happen before Christmas. Legal situations usually take a lot of time, and there’s not much time left between now and Christmas.

Looking at your stars, you were born with your natal Moon in your 7th house of lawsuits. Mercury will turn direct on October 2nd while holding an opposition to your Moon. So there’s a possibility something may happen then.

It’s more probable that you lawsuit will settle when Neptune comes to a conjunction with your natal Moon throughout February and March 2023. Neptune will come to a second conjunction with your natal Moon from August 2023 through January 2024.

Saturn, the ruler of judges and courts, will come to a conjunction to your natal Moon in March and April 2025. Saturn will return to conjunct your Moon from October 2025 through December 2025.

Saturn conjunct your Moon is the most likely time. But, lets hope that Mercury retrograde does it for you.

You may want to try Sarah Bellum’s spell work to sweeten Mercury retrograde. It can’t hurt.

Live! Love! Bark!

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