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A Spell to Release Blockages to Love

I know who you are. I feel your pain. My heart breaks with you. You desperately want you to be appreciated for who you are. You’re feeling lonely, vulnerable, and hopeless. So many of your friends and colleagues seem to have found their life mate, their kindred spirit, the one who makes their heart quicken–yet you feel left behind, as if love is passing you by. You’re still hungry for love. You’re starting to wonder if there’s something wrong, if you’re destined to stay alone. I promise you that your love life does not have to be empty.


Was A Spell Cast on Me?

Sometimes clients ask me if there’s been a spell cast on them that is preventing them from finding romance. I’ve been doing this work for nearly four decades, and in all that time, I’ve never had one client where I was positive that a spell blocking love was involved. Usually what was happening was that things had been so bad for so long that clients have jumped to the conclusion that this was the only explanation left as to why a relationship had passed them by. And just as frequently, once some home truths were explained, and a bit of inner work was done, things started to take a turn for the better–often very quickly, too.

What most people fail to understand is that they have to be the changes that they want to see in their lives. If they want to find a lover, they have to walk in love. This is sometimes harder than it appears. When you feel that your love life is destined to be non-existent, it’s easy to become desperate, to clutch at straws, to jump at the first person who pays you attention. That can often create more problems than it solves, though, because unless you’re confident in yourself, you’re likely to be indiscriminate about who you let close, and that’s just the sort of person that con-artists and users are seeking. They prey on the needy, the desperate, the lonely, the unhappy. Their empty promises leave those who are vulnerable feeling even more hurt and dejected than before the liaison.

So, just how do you turn this around? I’ve got a very simple answer, and if you employ this with honesty and determination, you can break the unhappiness habit, and draw into your life the love that you’re seeking. It’s going to take some dedication on your part though–but then anything worth having is worth working for, and surely a meaningful relationship is going to be worth the effort, right?

The first thing that you have to do to find the love of your life is believe that you are worthy of this. Many people fall down right at this first step, because we’ve become a society where it’s cool to complain, where the more we bemoan our issues, the more attention we seem to get. While the immediate attention and support from those around you might feel good, it’s just a band-aid over the gaping wound. It’s not going to fix things to bring love into your life. It’s just going to make being alone more bearable–is that what you really want?

Woman Writing a Sad Letter

Spellwork to Turn Things Around

So, to turn things around, you have to start turning yourself around, and the spell below is just the thing to help you to do this. It’s to be done anytime the Moon is going from full to new, and it only takes a pen, some paper, some natural fiber string, and a rock about the size of your fist. You may find the spell stronger if you can time this so that the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. If you can do this when Venus is going retrograde (which is the opposite of the usual love-spell advice), especially if it is in Capricorn, then things could be even more effective.

So, at the right time and when you feel you are really ready for a new start, I want you to write yourself a letter. Pour out your heart. In this letter I want you to write all about your vulnerability, what has happened in your past to make you feel so alone, so isolated, so forgotten. Talk about all your broken dreams, the relationships that hurt you and left you feeling forsaken and cast aside. If you do this right, you’ll probably cry a lot, too. That’s okay. It’s part of the process.

When you’ve put all your pain on paper, and you’ve no tears left to cry, go somewhere private, go somewhere, you will not be heard or disturbed, and read your letter out loud (there’s a reason for this). Be prepared to cry again as you do. Again, this is all part of the process. Tears are an indicator that the spell is working.

When you’ve read this out loud, and you’ve no tears left to cry, wrap the rock in the letter. Wad it up tightly, and then bind it with the string. Wrap it several times, so that it is and secure, and the paper will not come off the rock. Then take the rock to favorite (within reasonable distance) pond or river (the deeper the better–you don’t want this to be a shallow water where your stone can be found and unwrapped) and throw it into the water. Turn your back on it before it lands. The spell is finished.

Prairie Dog Couple

Let It Work

Now, there’s all kinds of magic involved with this, and if you wish to contact me as to why the string has to be natural, why the letter has to be read out loud, why the water has to be deep, I’ll be happy to go into greater detail with you. However, you don’t need to know how this works; you just have to know that it does work. And you have to let it work. So many times I have performed house clearings after a bad breakup, only to find that my clients have then gone back to worrying about the relationship, back to feeling sorry for themselves, back to wallowing in the negative energy that the cleansing ceremony evicted.

Like energy always attracts like energy. That is why it is so important that, once you release the letter you wrote to yourself, you really do let that go, and start afresh. At times you’re going to feel despondent, still hungry for love, but your heart does not have to remain empty. You can break the cycle. You can start to turn things around in a heartbeat. It just takes the will to want to succeed, and the courage to break free of your past. Do you dare?


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