extremely moody for about a week

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From: sassykat801 Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-06-09 15:38

Question: I’ve been extremely moody for about a week, not my normal. Are we having some type of moon phase that is throwing me off? When is it going to end, this is awful. I feel totally off kilter. Thank you!

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, sassykat801!

Anything that lasts for a matter of days or more is usually an outer planet aspect. And looking at your stars, I can see that Jupiter, the amplifier of the zodiac, crossed over you mid-heaven, the power point for career, on June 3rd. And now Jupiter is approaching an opposition with your natal Mars, ruler of anger and energy. And you, being the gentle Leo with her Moon in empathic Pisces, probably have a tendency to repress anger. I’m not suggesting you start yelling and pick a fight. But you may want to do something physical to expel some of that anxiety. It’s likely that you will come back into balance by the Full Moon on June 21st. Take care!

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2 thoughts on “extremely moody for about a week

  • You explained me so well. Been walking the dogs more and pulling stuff apart and cleaning. Tomorrow I think I’ll take a ride and scream at the top of my lungs. I’m sure that will make me feel better. Lol. Come on June 21st! Thank you! 🥰

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