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From: 3loves Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-06-06 04:33

Question: I’m looking for somewhere to move pretty soon. They’re about to move mobile homes very close to where we are renting and I don’t want to live that close to people I don’t know. Do you feel like something will come up soon? If so, will it be a good move for us? Thank you

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, 3loves!

Neptune will be holding a square (negative) with your power point for home and family through February 2025. Be careful. Neptune can make things look much better than they really are. So be sure to double check all contracts before you sign them. And get someone you trust to follow up with you about any homes you may think are the ones you want.

Spirit agrees. She sees liars and deception in your quest to find a new place to live. But she feels, with a little effort, you will find the right place for you.

Live! Love! Bark!

“The world has to change to fit you. And if you stick to your principles, values, and morals long enough, it will.” Berry Gordy

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