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Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: Missyt
Submitted: 2023-05-23 16:48

Question: What do you see happening between us in the next 6 months? Is he the right person for me?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Missyt! Welcome to Psychic Bytch!

My Spirit guide cannot tell time. To her, everything is happening all at once. But Spirit can see that there are already some unresolved arguments in your relationship. And there could be more in the future.

Looking at your stars, Venus the ruler of love recently entered your 7th house of partnerships. Venus may sweeten your relationship for the next few weeks. But when Venus retrograde (Jul 22 – Sep 3) begins, the stress in your relationship could get worse.

There is no such thing as one right person for you. It all depends upon how much you both want to work on the relationship. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness.

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