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life has just been non stop bullsh*t

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From: jappy Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2022-09-19 14:14

Question: My life has just been non stop bullsh*t. Broke two teeth this month, cant afford to fix them. Boyfriend takes me for granted. What will happen the rest of the year 2022!!? Will i ever be happy? Have enougg money? Be loved ?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, jappy!

Our present Mercury retrograde is happening in your 1st house of yourself. And he just finished crossing over your natal Saturn and your natal Jupiter. That could bring some bad luck.

Also, Neptune, the planet of confusion and delusions, is at an opposition to your ascendant, the 1st degree of the 1st house and the power point that refers to you. Therefore, Neptune could actually be making things look worse than they really are.

However, things could get worse before they get better. Mars will begin his retrograde on October 30th at a conjunction with your natal Mars (anger) and your natal Mercury (thoughts). And Mars retrograde won’t end until January 12th.

We all go through negative planetary alignments from time to time. And one thing I know for certain is there’s no sense whining about them. If you want to be happy, focus on the good things in your life. If you want abundance, see the abundance around you. Please, check out our article, The Art of Gratitude It even includes a spell to help you see the good things in your life.

Spirit says you need to let go of that boyfriend. He’s already thinking about a relationship with someone else.

Live! Love! Bark!

“If my life resembles a garbage dump, it is up to me to sort it through, turn over the soil, and plant flowers to make use of all the natural fertilizer.” Anne Wilson Schaef

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