the man always appearing in my tarot

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From: danie9052
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Submitted: 2022-09-08 05:58

Question: Who is the man always appearing in my tarot draws with whom I should live happily ?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, danie9052!

Learning to read Tarot and developing one’s intuition is something that grows with time. You can just take a course in Tarot reading and become an accomplished Tarot reader. Intuition in general gets sharper as you age. You are very young and you have a lot of years of Tarot reading ahead of you.

Also, most psychics cannot read for themselves. There’s too much attachment to the outcome, so you can’t “see” the message clearly.

Spirit can sense that your interpretation of your readings are way off. She says the man you see is going to break your heart, not bring you happiness.

If you want to ask a psychic about your love life in the future, ask an open question, not follow-up on someone else’s reading.

Live! Love! Bark!

“If you want to see God laugh, plan your life.” Anonymous

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