What are his intentions with me?

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From: yaitskay Enhanced Member
Submitted:2022-09-04 01:32

Question: What are his intentions with me?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, yaitskay!

Thanks for including his name and birth date. Let’s see if we can get a clearer picture this time.

Your man has 4 of his 10 natal planets in Leo and 1 natal planet in Sagittarius. This tells me that he has a massive ego. He needs constant attention and lots of strokes every day. He also has a very fragile ego. If you do something that threatens his ego, he will drop you like a hot potato.

Spirit says if you can love him just the way he is, then he will be quite content you. He is very happy with the way his life is going, and he doesn’t want any changes in the future.

Can you be subservient to this man? Can you accept his choices, even when you know a better way to do them?

Spirit thinks you’re too smart for him.

Live! Love! Bark!

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” Timothy Leary

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