Numerology Holds the Key to Your Life


You may have heard about numerology. It’s the study of numbers, dating back thousands of years, and it’s one of the main tools that I use. Its appeal is that–like astrology–it is calculated and pertaining to you and your energies. Your numerology reading is determined by your date of birth, the name you were born with, and the name you use today. This is what makes you unique.

The art of astrology is based on your date, time, and place of birth. Sometimes when I’m working with a client, they don’t know their time of birth, which makes certain aspects of astrology hard to determine. With numerology, the time and place of birth are not necessary. As long as you know the date and your name, you can obtain a very in-depth and personal numerology reading.

Life Path

Life Path Number

Most numerologists start with what is called your Life Path Number–LPN for short. This is one of the most crucial parts of your numerology report, and it will be shared by everyone who was born on the same date. It’s not the only calculation where numerology holds the key to your life, but it is a very good starting point.

Your LPN will reveal a lot about you. Of course, how you were raised and your environmental influences will greatly impact the way your LPN affects you. If you are naturally optimistic, you’ll develop the positive side of your LPN. If you are innately pessimistic, then the challenges of your LPN are what you life will highlight. Your LPN is simply part of the blueprint of your life, but–like anything else–it’s up to you how you use it to build the life you live.

The more you understand about your LPN, the more you will understand about the way you behave. Your LPN guides you toward your destiny, and highlights the lessons you were born to learn. There’s no such thing as a bad LPN, just like there is no such thing as a bad Sun sign. They all have their role to play when it comes to utilizing your assets, overcoming your challenges and celebrating this thing called life.

Woman Using Calculator

Calculating your LPN

It’s easy to find out what your LPN is. First, take the day you were born. If it is a single digit like 3, you don’t need to do anything. If it’s a double digit, like 27, you have to add the two numbers together and reduce them to a single digit. In rare occasions, you’ll have to do this more than once–for example, if you were born on the 19th of the month, you’d add 9+1 to get 10, and 1+0 to get 1.

Next, you do the same to the month you were born. If you were born January through September, you simply use the number 1 through 9. If you were born October, November, or December, you would add the double digits together to get a single number; December would be 1+2=3, for example.

Now you do the same for the year. 2019 becomes 2+0+1+9, or 12, or 3. 1958 becomes 1+9+5+8, or 23, or 5. Always reduce down to a single digit. Let’s take what has already been discussed as the example; 19 December 1958. That reduces down to 1+3+5, so the LPN of a person born on this date is 9.

There are a myriad of sites that will do this for you. Put ‘calculate my life path number’ in the search engine and watch what happens. However, as you’ve seen it’s just as easy to work it out for yourself–and this is what I’d advise, for this way you will know you’ve got it right, and you’re not at the whim and fancy of someone else’s interpretation.

Master Numbers

The Master Numbers

These are the exceptions to the rule when you are reducing down your LPN to a single digit. Master numbers behave in a different way. The master numbers are 11, 22, and sometimes 33. Reduce your date, month, and year down to a single digit–even if you were born in November, or on the 11th or the 22nd–but when you get to the final calculation and you’re adding the date and the month and the year together, if you come to a master number, do not reduce. We’ll talk about that in the next section.

The Life Path Numbers


One1 is always the beginning. We talk about the first of the year, the first of the month, the first to finish, and more. It leads the way. If this is your life path number, you are competitive and strive to be first. It’s all about you. You are independent and assertive, and it’s a real effort for you to try to take others into consideration or see things from their point of view. You are a born leader, but not a very good follower. You work best alone rather than as part of a team.

You are very passionate; quick to react to your environment, quick fall in love easily, and you have quite an explosive temper. You don’t often hold a grudge, but when you do, it’s fierce. You like attention and will go out of your way to get it. You can’t stand to be manipulated and will come out fighting when backed into a corner. Patience isn’t your strong suit and those in your social circle might even see you as being bossy. They key to your success is to cultivate a bit more patience and tolerance for you truly do have a captivating way about you.


Two2 is all about balance. There are two sides to every coin, to halves to every whole, and as a 2 you are always going to be looking for that harmony and trying to find that other half. You are generous and caring, but you have to remember that receiving is part of giving, too. Because of your kind nature, some unscrupulous people may try to take advantage of you. Knowing when to care and when to walk away is also an act of creating balance in your life.

You naturally draw people to you because of your gentle nature. They see you as a genuine mediator, someone with whom they can share their problems and walk away feeling better about themselves. They key to your success is in learning to find that balance and that harmony in yourself, for you don’t need anyone else to validate who you are. You are you; that is your superpower, and the moment you stop depending on others for approval to be who you are is the moment you will step into your authentic empowerment.


ThreeAs a three you are happy-go-lucky and people like your spontaneous nature. You are welcome in most social circles, and the more people who are there, the more alive you become. You love to draw attention from others, you feed on that energy and use it to your advantage without even thinking about it. It will take you to the heights of success if you let it, but because you are so lighthearted and impulsive you may also be easily distracted, and this could be your Achilles heel.

You’re naturally lucky, but may not see this until you really start to look into the Law of Attraction and see just what you’ve drawn into your life. Be careful to finish what you start; it’s that distraction that makes new things seem exciting, but persistence a bit of a drag. The secret to 3’s success is to remember that it is both 1 and 2. It has 1’s drive and independence and 2’s need for harmony and balance. These are conflicting energies, and it is part of your life path to find a way to get them to work together in order to create a successful destiny.


Four4 is such a stable number. Your car has 4 wheels, and your desk has 4 legs. Watch a horse run or a dog play; they utilize all 4 of their limbs. Like those wheels and those hooves, 4 is a very hard working, hard playing number. It takes everything very seriously. You have a persistence to be envied, and you like routine and what is established rather than diving headfirst into the unknown. You may not even know how to unwind, depending on your environment. As a LPN 4, you were born to do two things; work hard, and learn to lighten up.

You’re very loyal, often staying in a relationship or a job long after it was time to move on. You hate the idea of leaving something undone. You are wonderful at holding grudges and can’t stand to be taken advantage of. You couldn’t hide your feelings even if you tried. You wear your heart on your sleeve and even if you try to mask your emotions, they’ll still be written all over your face. The key to your success is less of an ‘I’ll show them’ attitude, and more of a ‘whatever’ mindset. When you can learn to lighten up a bit, you’ll be appreciated a lot more, for it will give others a chance to see and value the belief systems you hold so dear.


Five5 breaks the stability of 4. Ever heard someone talk about a ‘5th wheel?’ You need to lurch from one aspect of life to another in order to feel alive. If things get too boring, you’ll shake them up a bit! You may not even realize that you do this. Maybe you’re the sort of person who feels your life is just one crisis after another. That’s LPN 5 influencing you. It doesn’t mean you’re doomed to feel this way, though. Excitement can be a wonderfully positive thing! Remember, your LPN is a blueprint of your potential: it’s not a life sentence.

You’re very imaginative and creative and people love you for it. You do tend to get carried away with it all though, and may be prone to exaggerating when it’s not necessary to try to win friends and influence people. You’ll not be happy in a boring routine with humdrum friends and a mundane existence so don’t try to settle for one. You’re likeable and popular with a strong network of friends. Your natural luck will get you out of most situations, even if it’s by the seat of your pants. The key to your success is to make sure that you don’t get a reputation for being insincere or unrealistic.


Six6 is the number of compassion and if you are a LPN 6 you will find that your heart breaks on a daily basis. You are the one who cries at the drop of a hat, who feels all the hurt when a loved one is going through challenges, and who falls in love over and over again, often with the same person. Your compassion is endless, but that also means that it is easy for others to take advantage of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and live your life not by logic and reason, not by facts and proof, but more by whether something–or even someone–feels right or not. Your confidence isn’t all that strong, and that’s a shame, because you have the capability to do anything you set your mind to doing. You just worry too much about what others will think of you.

Your care and understanding are boundless and this means that you often smother people in your attempt to fix things for them. You prefer being at home, you like your home to be a safe haven for your loved ones, and you work hard to keep it welcoming. You are a natural nurturer and people feel safe when they are with you. You’re happiest when you’re looking after others, and you might even turn this into a profession, either as a chef or a nurse or some other way of meeting their needs. The key to your success is to overcome your inhibitions and step up to the things that are important to you, things that feel right, and help you to believe in yourself.


Seven7 is a natural number of mystery; we talk about the seven voyages of Sinbad, the seven labors of Hercules, and the seven wonders of the world. As a 7, you are at home with abstract ideas and being independent and free-spirited. You like to be original and you may even be a bit quirky when it comes to your manner, your appearance, and your belief systems. You like to throw random ideas into conversations and situations just to stir things up and see how the pieces fall. This doesn’t have to be a bad idea; this creative brainstorming is often how the best innovations are discovered.

You’re the sort of person who probably has a lot of acquaintances but few close friends, and you rather like it this way. Too many attachments tie you down and challenge your independence, and you need to be free to go where the wind blows. People are fascinated by your intelligence and your skills of observation, for you see what others often overlook, and perceive things from a new and unique angle. You have a very humanitarian view, and–to paraphrase Charles Schultz’s character Linus Van Pelt–you love mankind, it’s people you find challenging. The key to your success is to try to find a middle ground, so that you can celebrate your uniqueness and elevate mankind to its next level of awareness, but to still function in society as it is in the here and now. As the holy texts teach, be in the world, but not of it.


Eight8 is the number of karma and limitlessness. On its side, it’s the shape of the lemniscape, the symbol for infinity in math. The lemniscape is also over the head of the Magician and the figure in the Strength card of the tarot. As an 8, you have infinite potential to complete your destiny, and immeasurable opportunity to make your life a success. You are not afraid of hard work, but you want the rewards that come with it. In your mind there are two ways of doing things; your way and the wrong way. Your life is going to be full of endings, but don’t take that too much to heart, for your life will also be full of beginnings. Focus on the positive. Learn from the past and use it to grow the future you want to live.

You may not be the most tactless of people but you are as honest as the day is long. You don’t have time to sugar coat things; you want to get to the heart of the matter quickly and get the job done–another aspect of that endings and beginnings thing. You know what you want and your past has taught you how to get it, and those who are not on your wavelength may perceive you as being arrogant or controlling. Try to stay on people’s good side, because you won’t be able to do all the grand things you plan single-handedly. The key to your success is to cultivate moderation, and to show others the same respect that you want them to pay to you.


NineThe number 9 marks the end of the single digit numbers, and it also marks many endings when it turns up in numerology. Nine represents the old saying, ‘one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor,’ for that is the energy it embodies. As an LPN 9, this may be one of your last incarnations before your soul elevates into a new consciousness, to start another cycle of growth and learning. You’re no doubt complex, for you are a mixture of assertiveness and creativity combined with compassion and understanding and then elevated and magnified. Be careful that you don’t come off as thinking you’re somehow elite. LPN 9 is elite, but the minute you become aware of this, you lose your exaltation and become simply stuck-up.

You have high ideals and you are humanitarian, with a worldview for understanding and peace. You’re the one who leads by example, who genuinely wants others to improve their situation, and who diplomatically tries to soothe all the troubles that arise around you. You have self-assurance and poise when expressing yourself, and you may be quite artistic. All of this will win you the trust and confidence of your admirers and your peers. The key to your success is to believe in yourself, and to let your natural charisma lead you forward without the self-doubt and questioning that seems to come so naturally to you when you’re feeling alone and vulnerable.

LPN 11

Eleven11 is the first of the master numbers; and is one of the rare instances where the double digits are not reduced to get a single digit LPN. It’s a complex mix of both one and two, elevated and sophisticated and a law unto itself. As a LPN 11, you’re not elite, you’re not better than anyone else, you’re just more abstruse and labyrinthine. Life isn’t necessarily more puzzling for you than it is for anyone else, but no matter how many times you’re told that, you’re probably going to perceive it that way! You tend to go from one extreme to the next because of this vibration, but if you know this and keep it in mind, you can keep that down to a dull roar, and keep some kind of normalcy in your life.

You are very sensitive to the moods of your environment and the people in it. You are probably intuitive, maybe even a bit psychic, and you feel what other people are feeling. You’ll need to learn how to ground, center and shield in order to protect yourself from absorbing emotions that are not your own. You’re adaptable and empathic and can get along well with most people because of this. Find things and people that feed your spirit as well as your other needs. Express yourself creatively and surround yourself with like minded people. Embrace the natural give and take and remember that for giving to be successful, there has to be a recipient too. Take your turn when it’s appropriate. The key to your success lies in finding things that feed your spirit as well as your other needs and associating with those persons who enable you to be your authentic self.

LPN 22

Twenty-TwoThe number 22 is the 2nd of the master numbers and is sometimes known as the master builder. It’s a mix of caring 2 and determined 4. If this is your LPH, you are deep, with a sense of understanding that surpasses that of your peers. You have strong intuition–thanks to the 2 vibe–but you’ve also got a practicality (thanks to 4) that enables you not just to see what needs to be done, but to roll up your sleeves and find a tangible way to get things done. Yes, you’re a dreamer, but you’re also a doer, and it is the combination of those two energies that will drive you not just to improve your own life, but also the lives of all you touch.

You may find that your life seems more complicated than others close to you, but that’s just because you know how to handle these situations so you take them easily in your stride. You know how to act in times of crisis, and because like energy attracts like energy, you may find yourself put in situations or even a profession where you need that kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants energy. You understand that it isn’t what happens that is important, it’s how you respond by it, and your natural response is intuitive and caring yet pragmatic and rational. You easily take control of anything that crops up, and people let you, because of these skills. The key to your success is to learn that life doesn’t always have to be intense. Delegate where appropriate, and let others have their share of the spotlight now and again. It’s important that you remember to have fun, or you will find that the life you want to experience is always tantalizingly out of reach.

LPN 33

Thirty-ThreeThis LPN is especially rare, and it’s been my experience that very often those who think that they are an LPN 33 are really a 6. As a numerologist, I tend to only pay attention to 33 if there are other master numbers–11 and 22–present elsewhere in the reading. If you truly are an LPN 33, you won’t dwell on it, for such indulgence on your own ego would be unthinkable. You’ll have no specific life goals, you will simply throw yourself into making the world a better place for others, and helping them to find their authentic empowerment. You’ll be reserved, refined, and reflective. You hunger to understand things and you rarely have strong opinions about anything. You’re a natural leader because of your compassion and understanding, but you will not seek the spotlight. The strongest trait of an LPN 33 is humility.

You’re very creative in some way and you will be drawn to creative people. You will always champion the underdog, and because your vibration is one of purity, you will very often get taken advantage of by those who are unscrupulous or those who don’t want to help themselves. You have a vision of a world full of peace and grace, but that is not the world you live in at the moment, and you will have to learn not to keep compromising who you are just to please other people. You’re either going to be a natural leader, someone who can help birth humanity to the next phase of its existence, or you will manifest the vibration of the single 3 magnified, scattering your energies and not really accomplishing much because you don’t know where to focus. The key to your success is to realize that as highly evolved as your spirit is, you’re not infallible. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake; it’s simply evidence that you tried to do something, and that’s always a good thing.



Now, if you’ve been with me so far, you’ll understand that everyone born on the same date as you will have the same life path number, and that these numbers come around 3–sometimes 4–times a month, so, does that mean that all these people who share the same LPN are going to be just like you? Of course not. See, your LPN is one of your core numbers in numerology, but it is not everything that makes you who you are. It is one factor. If you were to compare it to astrology it would be like your Sun sign, for example.

Likening numerology to astrology is a good example. In astrology there are many different planets and points that are taken into consideration, and in numerology there are many different numerical calculations that are evaluated. You have a Life Path Number, you have Pinnacles and Periods, you have Soul Path Numbers and Heart’s Desire Numbers, and Personality Numbers. There are major expressions of these, and minor expressions of these. There are Passion Numbers and Karmic Numbers and Past Life Numbers–should you believe in reincarnation and desire to use them. There are numbers that represent your challenges, and numbers that represent your assets and what comes easily to you. There’s even a way to calculate your birth numbers with today’s date, to provide you with a daily forecast, a numeroscope, if you like, that helps you to understand how your own personal energy meshes with the global energy of the day.

All of this is what makes you who you are. It’s another way to help you to understand your strengths and your challenges, and to work out where you fit in, in this wonderfully complicated journey called life. After all, anything that assists you in making sense of the craziness has to have some validity, am I right?

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