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how does teejay really feel about me

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Week of July 18th

Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: blackcat42
Submitted: 2022-07-21 18:38

Question: How does teejay really feel about me or being in a relationship with me we recently stopped talking but I feel he will come back like always I really need to know how he feels

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, blackcat42!

Libra and Libra are usually good mates. You both need a partner for balance. And you also understand your partner’s needs better than others.

Spirit says that Teejay is like a rubber band. He stretches away and then snaps back. Spirit can sense that he truly loves you, and he will always feel this need to return to you. But a rubber band must do what a rubber band does. Once he feels comfortable with your love, he will stretch again, only to return at a later date.

If you don’t mind his cycles, he will keep coming back as long as you let him.

Live! Love! Bark!

“We can only learn to love by loving” Doris Murdock

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