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Week of July 11th

Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: Living41
Submitted: 2022-07-11 06:26

Question: Does he want to continue to have a relationship with me and does he have other things on his mind for the future?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Living41!

When I look at your stars I can see you two are very compatible. Your man is passionate about what he does, and he has a very strong work ethic.

Spirit can sense that he is very attached to you. In fact, his attachment is almost obsessive. Spirit says he doesn’t totally understand you, but he knows he does not want to lose you.

Spirit can also see that you have had your heart broken in the past. And you now have problems trusting him. But, the only place you can work on this problem is in a relationship. Just take it one day at a time, and try not to worry.

Live! Love! Bark!

“Thus does the Holy Spirit replace fear with love and translates error into truth.” A Course in Miracles

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