Soul Mates

What is a Soul Mate?

Imagine life on the other side, before you came to this world. You may be a young soul, or perhaps you are a very wise soul and have lived many lifetimes. You and your spirit guide are working on your lesson plan for your next life. You say to your guide, “this time I really want to learn forgiveness.”

Your soul mate is there with you and they say, “I want to go with you. I will help you with your lesson.”

Later after you are born and come to adulthood, you meet your soul mate. You two fall in love and start a relationship and have three children. Then you find out that your partner has been cheating on you since the day after your wedding day.


Well… you wanted to learn forgiveness. You cannot learn how to forgive until someone has truly hurt you. Our soul mates are not here to live happily ever after with us. Their job is to bust our comfort zones. Because… when we are too comfortable, we don’t grow spiritually.

Many people contact psychics wanting to know if this person or that person is their soul mate. Or, they want to know when they will meet their soul mate, what is their name, what do they look like, and on and on. Some psychics assume that these people are wanting to know about their romantic partners, but other psychics get offended hearing partner and soul mate in the same subject. It is probably best to use straight to the point, plain language when asking a psychic a question, rather than embellishing it with fancy “new age” terminology.

We have many soul mates and we meet them as we travel through our lifetimes. Some will be parents, children, siblings, lovers, friends, and even pets. Some of our soul mates are more casual soul mates. This is the person you meet in the store or on the street, and they say something meaningful in the moment, but we rarely see them again. But… their message will stick with us and probably even explain a situation in our lives. We also have figureheads like teachers and ministers who are here to help guide us through our lessons. And, yes, there are occasionally twin flame type soul mates who actually learn their lessons while in a relationship (like the partner story above). But… we never stop learning spiritually and meeting new soul mates as long as we live. And, after we die, we get to meet back up on the other side, and plan for our next lesson


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