Roosevelt Dime

While I Have a Roosevelt Dime

While I have a Roosevelt dime,
I will call my psychic this time.
Thinking in retrospect,
Should I have given Mars more respect?
If Mercury turns up a spade,
Will it be in retrograde?
Oh where is that beautiful Venus?
Will she affect my genius?
If the planets were all in a line,
Would that be divine?
Will Saturn be sad,
If Pluto is bad?
Give the cards a flip,
Tell me with your sweet lips.
I want to talk to someone that died,
Can you reach the other side?
Will I see my grandson again,
Will he have his huge grin?
Should I kiss her tonight,
Or should I take flight?
Will I get married,
Before I get buried?
Will I see the tunnel, Will I see the light?
Will it be soon, maybe tonight?
My life is bull,
IS it because the moon is full?
Take my hand and read my palm,
Will my love life bomb?
Will my devotion,
Get me a promotion?
My psychic is not old,
But, her word is true gold.
When Jupiter is red,
You will know it all, she said.
My psychic spoke late,
Now I owe nine ninety eight!


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Karma may be gone, but she’ll never be forgotten. Thank-you, Karma, for helping to make PsychicBytch what it is today.

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