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cleaning my cousin’s house

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From: 3loves Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-06-28 02:44

Question: I’m cleaning my cousin’s house and he asked how much more work I’m wanting because he associated with a realtor co that has a lot of rentals that need cleaning. He said he’s going to get me more work. Do you think this will happen soon? He said in a few weeks

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, 3loves! Happy belated birthday! 🎂

Saturn, the planet of hard work, just turned retrograde on Saturday in your house of day to day work. So it’s likely that, as far as cleaning houses, Saturn will impede your progress. Your business growth could be slow and jerky throughout this Summer. But it’s also possible that this cleaning business will be a successful venture in the long term.

And Spirit agrees. She can see that your cousin will be very happy with your work, but he’s going to procrastinate about giving you another job right away. It may be a financial reason.

Live! Love! Bark!

“Inspiration comes very slowly and quietly.” Brenda Ueland

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2 thoughts on “cleaning my cousin’s house

  • I’m going to order a reading and see if you can look into this a little more for me. They have plenty of money and he sounded sure of what he was telling me. I really need more work. I’m hoping things get better soon. Thank you boss

    • YW, 3loves. Spirit said it “may” be a financial reason. So it could be something else. Spirit wasn’t absolutely sure. Looking forward to taking a deeper look. 🙂

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