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shortlisted for a potential interview

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From: deliap Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2024-06-13 00:49

Question: Update on my job search ,received an email yesterday notifying me that my CV has been shortlisted for a potential interview at the REDACTED race course in their finance department,I filled in the form that they sent so please hold thumbs,just got one worrisome problem the struggle to put food on the table is still Soooo difficult will this ever end,I am hopeful that I find a job soon but you know I just wish the pressure of not having much can end now,a small relief will be so welcome,but I’m not complaining just wishing,thank you so much

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, deliap!

Spirit says, if you don’t get this job, it’s because the Universe has a better job in mind for you. Keep up the positive thinking and stop worrying. Good luck!

Live! Love! Bark!

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