emotionally or physically been unfaithful

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From: YvonneNPete
Submitted: 2024-05-03 02:21

Question: Did my husband emotionally or physically been unfaithful through the 38 years together, especially the last 10? He might of tried to confess then he stopped a few weeks ago while telling me he wanted a divorce. Any insight and advice would be appreciated. I am always confident in the answers I always received through the years with you’s, thank you for being her for me.

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, YvonneNPete! Congrats on winning our sweepstakes!

My Spirit guide is not comfortable revealing someone’s secrets from the past. Especially if it’s something they realized was wrong and took steps to correct. Everyone deserves their privacy and our forgiveness.

Spirit says if you actually caught him cheating, the worst you can do is divorce him, so just divorce him. Spirit feels we need to discuss your feelings about this divorce and how you’re going to deal with it. You are welcome to enter our sweepstakes again. There are no limits.

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