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2 eclipses come and hit my 6th house

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From: Ipf Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2023-09-10 23:04

Question: Hi, I hope you’re doing well. Aside from watching out for my health, what should I be on guard for when the 2 eclipses come and hit my 6th house such as my workplace in October? Thank you

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Ipf!

Wow! I think you are becoming a pretty good astrologer in yourself! I’m impressed!

The first eclipse on October 14th will be at 21° 08′ Libra, and it will be conjunct your natal Saturn. It’s also going to square your natal Venus, but with eclipses, we usually just look at conjunctions and oppositions. Eclipses bring changes, and Saturn represents authority figures. With it being in your 6th house of health and day-to-day work, there could be some friction with one of your bosses. Saturn also rules anything that takes a long time to develop, so a check-up with your doctor would be a good idea.

The second eclipse on October 28th, will be a full Moon lunar eclipse, at 5° 09′ Taurus. So the Moon will be in your 12th house of hidden things, and the Sun will be in your 6th house. Luckily this one will not conjunct or oppose any of your natal planets. Also this is going to be a partial eclipse, so it won’t carry as much power as the first one. It’s possible one of your secrets will be exposed, or there could be some general stress at work.

Live! Love! Bark!

“Chaos may rule human affairs (“chaos” simply refers, mathematically, to any situation where tiny causes have large effects), but the celestial spheres operate with a reliability and precision, at least in certain circumstances, that is truly otherworldly.” By Alan M. MacRobert, Sky & Telescope Magazine

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