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Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: Bailey#1
Submitted: 2023-05-24 11:36

Question: Hi. Transfer to a different position within the company making less money. Do you see me becoming promoted within the company ? Thank you so much

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Bailey#1! Happy Birthday!

You are going through your 2nd Saturn return this year. If the company doesn’t promote you, then Saturn will find you a better job. Spirit is showing me a picture of you sitting on a keg of dynamite about to blow. If you would like me and Spirit to take a deeper look at your situation, please consider booking a private, follow-up reading with me. Email Readings Starting at Only $7 for Members.

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“Changes (in life) are not only possible and predictable but to deny them is to be an accomplice to one’s own unnecessary vegetation.” Gail Sheehy

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