agreed to get married but no ring yet

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Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: motherpearl
Submitted: 2022-11-17 01:20

Question: W and I agreed to get married but no ring yet. We would like to have elopement. I am thinking to get married st city hall by end of 2022 or next year, April 2023. Do you see or when is the best time for us to get married?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, motherpearl!

I suggest you wait until after January 21st. Mars is in retrograde now, and Mercury will begin his next retrograde before Mars retrograde ends. You were not born under any retrogrades. So you don’t want a marriage chart with Mars or Mercury in retrograde.

We do have another Mercury retrograde beginning on April 21st, and there will be a total solar eclipse on April 20th. So I recommend you get married before April 15th.


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