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the guy I’m supposed to end up with

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Hippie Smiley AwardFrom: xeia
Submitted: 2022-11-09 15:20

Question: Where will I meet the guy I’m supposed to end up with? and can you describe his appearance like nationality, psychical features? I just want to know what’s taking so long for me and him to meet

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, xeia!

Spirit says your destined life partner is still many years in the future. You haven’t even reached you 19th birthday. Spirit can see you enjoying life and dating many different people in your near future.

Looking at your stars, you have the potential of achieving a very high academic or professional status. You may want to consider a college degree.

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Live! Love! Bark!

“Dear God, My desire, my priority is inner peace. I want the experience of love. I don’t know what would bring that to me. I leave the results of the situation in your hands. I trust your will. May your will be done. Amen” Marianne Williamson

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