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From: Sony1 Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2022-10-01 21:33

Question: Am I marrying REDACTED. He was a counselor in a psychological rehab center i was admitted in. I believe he loved me. I love him too. But we could not keep in touch since he was a medical fraternity and I was a patient there. When do you see us talking again. He has already changed his job. He doesn’t work in the same centre any more. I am also discharged from there. I also want to know if and when we are meeting. And will our marriage be possible despite our medical relationship

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Sony1!

Neptune, the planet of delusions, is presently conjunct your descendant, your power point for marriage and partnerships. And he will hold that conjunction through mid-March. Also Mercury just finished his retrograde (on October 2nd) at a conjunction with ascendant, opposite to your descendant. This is most definitely NOT the right time to be making any decisions about marriage.

Spirit can see you and SM communicating in the future. And it’s possible you will see him again. But she doesn’t feel that he is interested in any kind of long-term relationship with you. Do not rush into anything with this man.

SM was born under a Mars retrograde. So it’s possible you and he will reconnect during our upcoming Mars retrograde, October 30th – January 12th.

Live! Love! Bark!

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