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Should I walk away

From: brandywine
Submitted: 2022-06-13 16:41

Question: Should I walk away where does he stand with me

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, brandywine!

You have three planets in Taurus, and most likely your natal Moon is in Libra. Taurus is the most faithful sign of the zodiac, and Libra has trouble making decisions without a partner. I hope you are serious when you ask should you walk away.

The planets are aligned in your chart for some major changes this year and next. Your relationship could become volatile, and sudden breakups are possible. You may even be feeling depressed.

Spirit can sense that he wants his freedom. She says his desires to be single are stronger than you realize.

Spirit feels that you need to release him. She says this will be a process, so don’t expect change to come quickly. But she is certain that after you and he break up, your whole life is going to transform. She sees happiness, emotional support, and your wish for a happy relationship coming true.

Live! Love! Bark!

“You have one voice that says, ‘Get Ambitious, you can do whatever you want.’ And, the other voice that says, ‘Leave it up to me and release.’ How can you not be in madness?” Caroline Myss

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