Spice Up Your Love Life

Spice Up Your Love Life

When my clients write to me, it seems to be predominantly about love, money, or sex. Very often people want to know how to spice up the affection they receive from their partner, or how to make the object of their affections fall in love with them. While it’s not particularly ethical to try to take away someone’s free will and make them do something, it’s perfectly okay to want an existing relationship to improve, especially when it comes to enhancing the intimacy.

Romantic Couple

Magic for Lovemaking

One way to start to work on making those improvements is to do a sexual relations spell. This is best done when the Moon is going from new to full, and when it is in the signs of Scorpio or Aries. Do not do this when Mars or Venus are retrograde! If you have any questions about the timing, consult your astrologer, an online ephemeris, or the farmer’s almanac.

Magic Ingredients


You’re going to need the following:

  • rose petals
    • If you cannot get fresh rose petals, then the dried ones that are available from the craft section of department stores or florists will do. It’s better if they’re the dried version of real rose petals, but the silk imitation ones used at weddings can also be used.
  • a red candle
    • Make sure that it is red all the way through, not a white candle that has been dipped red. It does not need to be a large candle. A small tea light will work best.
  • sandalwood incense
    • This should be readily available from any metaphysical shop, or online.
  • peppermint oil
    • This can be purchased from most pharmacies and apothecaries, or online. Make sure it’s real oil of peppermint, and not the imitation flavoring sometimes used in cooking.
  • a red pen
  • a piece of paper (white and unlined is best)

The Process

Red Candle, Roses, and Pen

Step One

At the appropriate time, write down your partner’s name on the piece of paper with the red pen, and fold it in half. Put a drop of the peppermint oil on your thumb. Touch your thumb to your head, and then to the paper, as if to put your thumbprint on it. Put the candle on a flameproof surface (a tile works, or if you’re outside, on some pebbles), and put the folded piece of paper under it. Place the incense next to the candle, sprinkle the rose petals around them both, so that they are enclosed in a circle. Light the incense first, and then the candle.

Step Two

Stare into the candle flame and let it draw your passion and sensuality. Feel your desires for your partner growing. Close your eyes, and envision the two of you amicably making love, strengthening the bond between you. Lose yourself in this emotion, and feel it welling up inside of you and spilling over. Now open your eyes, and using your hand, wave the smoke from the incense around you, and over the candle flame. As you do, continue visualizing the sexual bond between you and your partner growing stronger, more passionate, more committed. When you have blended the energies of the smoke and the fire and you feel your own passion for your partner swelling, repeat the words:


“Aphrodite come to me
My lover and I one may be
By flame and smoke and by our love
Bless our sex life from above.”

Step Three

Now, pinch out the candle flame (never blow it out with your own breath). Put the folded piece of paper somewhere that is personal and private to you, like your purse or wallet, your underwear drawer, or in your pillow case. That’s it! Trust the process, that your love life is going to get a lot spicier.

Romantic Couple in the Evening


Like any spell, doing this is not going to suddenly make things perfect between you and your lover so that you get more intimacy. You’re going to have to put some effort into things! Make sure you wear your partner’s favorite clothing, take time with your appearance, and do things that you know your lover likes, so that you entice them into desiring to be close to you. The spell will enhance your efforts, but you still have to create the ambiance!


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