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The Psychic Bytch (AKA Janet Moon) is a Professional Internet Psychic and an honest and empowered reader. She will not tell you what she thinks you want to hear. So, if you are tired of those sugar coated psychics taking your money and blowing pink smoke up your ass, then book your reading NOW!


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  •   Need a Free Psychic Love Reading?


    The Psychic Bytch has your answers. She offers the best love readings in the world. Whether you want to know when you'll find love, or if you will reunite with an ex, da Boss is ready to help. Do you want to know if he or she is cheating? She can check the tarot to examine your present love life for free. Da boss can give you a tarot card reading about your love relationship. She has special love tarot card readings for singles to help you find the best mate. Da boss uses different tarot spreads to get you the most accurate love readings. And, her tarot can also tell you whether or not true love is in your near future. Get your accurate, online, love tarot card reading right here!

    Astrology and Love

    Da Boss can use astrology to check compatibility between you and a potential partner. Astrology can also be used to determine the best times to find love or take your relationship to the best level. Da Boss can also warn you when relationship conflicts will be more likely, and how to avoid painful arguments. Let the stars guide your relationship.


  •   Da Boss is an Experienced, Professional Psychic

    She has been reading professionally on the internet for over 20 years. Da Boss actually grew up in a family of tarot readers, spell casters, and clairvoyants. So this kind of work is second nature to her.


    Wanna hear some real Astrology? Not those comic pages horoscopes. Da Boss can see your personality including any strengths and weaknesses you have. She can also see the fine details that make you, you! After explaining your natal chart, then she can tell you how the present positions of the stars are affecting you. She can also predict your lucky periods and good times, along with the dates when things will be more difficult. This can help you plan your life. Don't walk into life blindly not knowing what's going to happen next. Let da Boss guide you.


  •   Memberships Available with Perks

    If you want a free reading with da Boss, you need to register as a member. It is absolutely free, and the only thing we ask from you is your email address. We have four different levels of memberships:

    • Free Membership
    • Enhanced Membership
    • Extended Membership
    • Premium Membership

  •   Members are NOT Automatically Added to OUr Mail List

    We do not automatically add members to our mailing list.

    There are links to sign up for our mail list in the footer of every page. Free Members' questions are posted in our weekly news letter with links to the answers. We also occasionally send out special offers from da Boss and the psychics who guest post on our blog.

    If you want an email notification that your free question has been answered, please sign-up for our mailing list.


  •   Our Security

    The Psychic Bytch does ask for some personal information like your name and birth date. She keeps your private information on a database that is separate from our WordPress blog. The likelihood of that database getting hacked is extremely minimal. Psychic Bytch maintains two-factor authentication on our hosting account. And, Janet Moon wrote that database exclusively for this site. Most hackers want to crack code that is used many places on the web, like WordPress or Joomla.

  •   We're Looking Forward to You!

    So, after all the explaining, she hopes you will ask your question now and give her a try. You have nothing to lose. And, she's looking forward to getting to know you.