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From: Starlord Enhanced Member
Submitted: 2022-05-25 13:03

Question: I interviewed a couple of days ago for a good company. Will I get the job?

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, Starlord!

Venus, the ruler of love and beauty, entered your 1st house of yourself about three days ago. And she will be there through June 19th. Venus will make you look good during job interviews. However, Mercury is presently in retrograde through June 3rd, and you were not born under a Mercury retrograde. If you take a job while Mercury is in retrograde, it could turn out to be the job from hell. Also, because Mercury retrograde is happening in your 2nd house of money, there could be problems getting paid.

Spirit can see that you may get a job offer from the company you just interviewed with, but there could be many delays before you actually start to work.

Hope your unemployment ends quickly.

Live! Love! Bark!

“If Mercury were a living entity, it would probably be sitting in a corner laughing at the comedy of errors committed by we Earthlings, all because we fail to heed the loud, persistent messages Mercury has so consistently provided. ‘How many times,’ Mercury might say, ‘must you be told to stop, to rest your mind, to reflect and catch up?'” Joanne Wickenburg

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