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From: lynn
Submitted: 2022-05-19 18:01

Question: I have been single for a long time, and I am in a wonderful place mentally. Will I find a life partner and fall in love?? I’ve never been married.

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, lynn!

Because you listed your birth time as private in the question form, I can’t see you house of marriage and partnerships. So astrology isn’t going to tell me much about your future relationships. Looking at your planets, I can see that you don’t like change. And new relationships do bring changes.

Spirit can show me your future, but she doesn’t know when things will happen. In her mind everything is happening all at once. Normally I use astrology to predict when something is more likely to happen, but I can only do that with one’s birth time. So I can tell you what will happen in your future, but I can’t tell you when it will happen.

Spirit can see a relationship in your future with someone from you past. They may be an ex, or they may just be an old friend. Spirit can see that your partner will suggest either marriage or a committed relationship. But when the time comes, Spirit’s not sure what you will choose.

You will find a partner and you will fall in love. But whether or not you choose to commit to this person is up to you. The gods would never take away your free will.

Live! Love! Bark!

“We can only learn to love by loving” Doris Murdock

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2 thoughts on “Will I find a life partner

    • Your birth date is fine. But I need your time of birth to see your house of marriage. And predicting timing can be the most difficult part of any psychic reading. I just happen to use astrology. There are many psychics who can use their tarot to tell you when something will happen, including my partner on this site Gifted Soul

      Spirit did see love with someone you already know in the future. When it finally happens, you won’t regret the wait.

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