Is S wanting to get back with me

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From: jeneye210
Submitted: 2022-05-12 21:56

Question: Is S wanting to get back with me? Should I reach out to him first

Answer from da Boss:

Hi, jeneye210!

Spirit is giving me a great big yes! Yes, he would like to hear from you. And yes, you should reach out to him. But Spirit warns, you two broke up for a reason, and you will need to be sure that reason has been resolved. Or you just might break up again.

S was born during a Mercury retrograde. And our present Mercury retrograde is going to have a strong influence over his natal Moon, his emotions. So he is presently in a very good state emotionally and a good state mentally.

Good luck!

Live! Love! Bark!

-Cheek to Cheek-
Venus put her arm in the arm
Of the Moon tonight.
And they strode across the Sky room Ballroom.
They shone brightly to see
A little for me
But mostly because of and for each other.

(from “Do I Need a Green Card to get into Heaven”)

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