Full Psychic Reading Contest

Free Psychic Reading – New Winner Every Week

ATTENTION! We are now collecting questions from Saturday through Friday and picking the winner on Saturday. That way da Boss has two days to answer the winners.

Complete Reading – 100 to 300 Words or More

Not One of Those Two Sentences Then Book-a-Reading-With-Me Kind of Reading

Begins April 17th


Writing short answers then asking you to buy a reading is giving me a tummy ache. I don’t want to do that anymore. You deserve better and so do I.

After April 17th, I Will Only Be Answering One Question per Week

  • Questions will be collected from Sunday Saturday through Saturday Friday.
  • The the winner’s question and answer will be posted here on our blog the following Monday.
  • The winner will also be listed in our newsletter, which I will send out every Monday morning.
  • I will no longer be notifying you individually if your question is answered. So sign up for our newsletter to know if you won.
We’re only receiving about a dozen questions per week, so your odds of winning are good.

Premium & Enhanced Answers Will NOT Change.

They will still have guaranteed answers within 3 days.


The Rules

  • You can submit as many questions as you like, but only one per day. If you submit more than one question in a day only one will be added to the contest and the others will be deleted.
  • You cannot submit similar questions in the same week. Similar questions from the same questioner will be deleted
  • You can submit different questions like one about finding love and another about winning money.
  • If your question did not get answered, then you are welcome to resubmit the same question the following week

Psychic Conference Call

I’m also thinking about setting up a free psychic conference call once or twice a month limited to 5 people. Everyone will approximately get a 10 minute reading.


What Do You Think?

I need your feedback. Leave your comments under this post and share your opinion and ideas.

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