what this new year brings for me

From: Adamseve
Submitted: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 16:21:14 +1100 (AEDT)

Question: I would just like to know what this new year brings for me, as far as in life in general. I feel like I accomplished a lot last year and I’m just curious about this new year.

Answer from da Boss:
Looking at your stars, I can see only one big event this year. Neptune will begin a conjunction to your natal Mercury on February 11th that will continue through April 3rd, 2023.

Neptune rules imagination, dreams, and illusions. And Mercury is the governor of your conscious mind. This kind of aspect can make you susceptible to others. Please consider booking a private, follow-up reading with me, so we can get a deeper look at the details.

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Live! Love! Bark!

“What they took for inattentiveness was a miracle of concentration.” Toni Morrison

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